Zuwara in western Libya and Benghazi in the east hosted Thursday Multaqa Watani (National Gathering) meetings in coordination with the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue and under the auspices of the UNSMIL.

The gathering builds on the action plan proposed on September 20 by the Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame.

Zuwara meeting was attended by municipal members, and a number of security and military officers headed by the mayor, Hafid Bin Sassi.

"We welcomes the efforts all of the attendees and Slaalme's efforts as well to resolve Libya's political stalemate." The mayor said in the opening statement.

He earlier told reporters that the UNSMIL's delegation meeting with Zuwara residents will be one in a series of meetings to be held by Salame, pointing out that they sent invitations to security and military bodies in Zuwara so that all components take part in the gathering.

Meanwhile, the Benghazi meeting was headed by the city's elders' council Head, Mohammed Al-Maghrabi, with members of the council and civil societies as well as university professors taking part.

"This gathering paves the way for the Libyan National Conference that was proposed by Salame. Today we are just displaying the work schedule of the upcoming conference, besides reviewing the methods by which the selection of the city's representatives will happen.