Libyan Organization for Human Rights (LOHR) rejected the repetitive visits of western ambassadors to Libyan cities, especially to Benghazi.

In a statement on Saturday, the LOHR said it is flowing up on the movement of ambassadors of western countries in Libya, especially Britain, France and Italy, and the meetings they hold with whomever they desire, adding that they are even being awarded in certain occasions.

“We have noticed that the receiving party of those ambassadors have always been the same and they are most of the time politicians who look for government positions, people who have links to municipalities and others who are supported by the House of Representatives or the two Libyan governments, besides others.” The statement reads.

It added that such visits are done away from international conventions and agreements as well as the lack of proper diplomatic presence as it should be according to international protocols.

“The reason of those visits was always rebuilding the municipalities, support and aids and though “support and aids” did arrive as they sometimes promised but they went to corrupted parties that keep Libya lagging behind at the bottom of the world rank for (most corrupted countries).”

Many ambassadors and UN envoys came to Libya, they left leaving corruption and chaos in the country, the statement indicated.

LOHR added that in the current political fragmentation, there are certain figures who are trying to climb to power by taking advantage of their relations with the ambassadors so they can pass their agendas through them, forgetting their country’s misery, chaos and lack of security as well as basic needs amid armed groups’ rule and crimes with no actions taken by the ambassadors and other foreign envoys.