The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, confirmed that the position of the Government of National Unity (GNU) to achieve the desire of the Libyan people for fair and just elections was firm and would not change, adding that elections must be held according to fair, consensual, and enforceable laws to ensure the success of the vote without eliminating any candidates. 

Dbeibah added in his speech during the eighth cabinet meeting of 2023 held in Tripoli on Thursday that the security challenge was one of the most prominent obstacles facing the GNU, adding his government had great confidence in the choices of the Libyan people if those who seized power for themselves enabled the people to express their desire directly.

He indicated that GNU institutions were asking to confront the disaster in Derna and its suburbs and mitigate its effects and damage, noting that efforts to confront the repercussions of the disaster had been continuing in different stages, including relief, services and reconstruction.

Dbeibah pointed out that the reconstruction of Derna according to the vision of the GNU had no place for political tensions and opportunists. He also approved at the cabinet meeting the results of the work of the National Committee for the Demarcation of Land and Maritime Borders at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Libyan maritime borders.

The cabinet members also adopted a decision to continue disbursing the monthly grant to Palestinian students at universities and higher institutes, and another decision to grant a basic pension payment to widows, divorcees, and disabled members of the Palestinian community in Libya.