Planning Minister

The Libyan Minister of Planning, Mohammed Al-Zaidani, said that development projects were distributed to all regions according to the projects and programs approved by the Audit Bureau, adding in a meeting with the Prime Minister Abdul Hameed Dbeibah, the ministers of education and local governing, and heads of executive agencies.

Al-Zaidani said that 1.8 billion dinars were allocated for projects in the eastern region, 1.3 billion dinars for projects in the western region, 1.2 billion dinars for projects in the southern region, and 800 million for the central region. He referred to the distribution of 1 billion dinars as local development for the benefit of the ministry of local governing to give them directly to the municipalities.

He added that 7 billion dinars were spent on strategic projects, including the Third Ring Road, the Ajdabiya-Jalu Road, and the Ghat-Ubari Road, in addition to 3 billion dinars for various electricity projects.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah stressed the need to clarify the details of all projects in each city and region, the value of the project and the percentage of completion. He instructed the ministry of local governing to complete the procedures for distributing municipal allocations for the fiscal year 2022, after submitting financial and technical follow-up reports for the year 2021.

Dbeibah also instructed for the distribution of the operational budget for schools before the start of the next academic year, provided that it is given directly to schools.