The Head of the Presidential Council (PC), Muhammad Menfi, held talks in Cairo on Saturday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on the humanitarian needs of Gaza amid the ongoing Israeli aggression against the besieged territory.

The leaders met on the sidelines of the peace summit hosted by Egypt, which aims to discuss support for the Gaza Strip and revive the peace process.

Discussions touched on the Palestinian vision to achieve a just and comprehensive peace at a time when more than 4,000 Palestinian victims were killed in Gaza as a result of the Israeli bombing.

During his speech at the Cairo Peace Summit, Menfi called for an immediate halt to the Israeli air strikes and to stop any plans for ground invasion.

He reaffirmed Libya's firm stance against the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and the necessity of taking a unified position to confront and stop the massacres in Gaza.

The PC head also expressed Libya's rejection of attempts to displace the civilian population in Gaza, demanding that Israel stops its assault against sanctities and protect the Palestinian people.