NCHRL report: 433 persons killed in Libya during 2017 amid terrible economic, humanitarian conditions

NCHRL report: 433 persons killed in Libya during 2017 amid terrible economic, humanitarian conditions

January 01, 2018 - 20:51
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

433 people were killed in Libya in 2017, including 79 children and 10 women, the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has documented in its annual report that was issued today - January 01, 2018.

The report, which depicts the number of victims of violence acts, arbitrary fighting and landmines as well as explosive devices, indicated that 201 killings of the total number were outside the law, naming Brak Al-Shatti incident in southern Libya, Al-Abyar, Ganfouda and Al-Brega incidents in eastern Libya, and Al-Hira, Tarhouna and Wershiffana in western Libya.

The extrajudicial executions and summary killings of detainees by armed groups are also cases in point included in the report.

"175 civilians were killed due to explosives and landmines in Derna, Benghazi and Sirte, while 75 civilians were killed in random clashes as well as violence in residential areas inside Tripoli, Sabha, Benghazi, Al-Zawiya, Sabratha, Garabulli, and Al-Khums." The report reads.

It adds that 143 persons were victims of forced disappearance and arbitrary arrests, while 186 others were kidnapped, citing Tripoli, Sabha, Ras Lanuf, Sirte, Wershiffana, Ajdabiya, Al-Khums, Al-Ajilat, Al-Kufra, Tajoura, Qaser Benghashir, Tarhouna and Al-Zawiya as the most cities and districts hit by such acts.

NCHRL's report also highlighted 34 attacks that included torture, arbitrary arrests or illegal arrests as well as threats against journalists, human rights activists as well as correspondents of local, Arab and international media outlets, banning some of them from covering certain events in Tripoli, Sabha and Benghazi.

It explained as well that 15 health centers were also attacked during 2017 in Sabha, Benghazi, Al-Zawiya, Tripoli, Wershiffana, and Derna, which jeopardized the lives of the medics and the patients alike, adding another nail in the coffin of the fragile healthcare system in Libya.

"People in Libya are still living through dire conditions with the majority - about third of the population - are harmed and badly affected by the deterioration of the humanitarian conditions, thus causing them to become in dire need for better food and health care." The NCHRL further indicated.

3.5 million Libyans, including 391.416 internally displaced persons, are in immediate need for assistance to get better life-saving aids and better humanitarian and health conditions, the report adds

"The whole issue is related to to the persistence of the political crisis in Libya. But for the prolongation of the peaceful settlement of the economic and political issues and the continuous violence and clashes across Libya, there would not be such deteriorated humanitarian conditions in the country." The report says.

It concludes saying that the reasons behind the terrible living conditions in Libya also include lawlessness and the collapse of healthcare and nutrition systems, let alone the devaluation of the Libyan dinar and the rocketing of prices amid shortages of cash in the banks.