Martin Longden

The British government has announced the appointment of Martin Longden as its new ambassador to Libya, succeeding the current ambassador, Caroline Hurndall. 

“I am very happy to be representing the UK as His Majesty's new Ambassador to Libya this autumn. I am joining an excellent team of British and Libyan colleagues at the Embassy, and I am excited to start work and get to know the people and places of this amazing country”, the new British Ambassador to Libya, Martin Longden said on his X platform page.

Longden will assume the duties of his new position in Libya during the month of October, while Hurndall will move to another diplomatic position, according to the government's decision published on Wednesday.

“I am really sad to be leaving Libya, but delighted to be handing over to my wonderful colleague Martin Longden. I am sure he will love Libya as much as I do!”, the ex ambassador Hurndall said.