The heads of the permanent committees of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) protested Britain's position on "the war of genocide carried out by the Israeli occupation against the Gaza Strip." 

The HoR members discussed in their first meeting with the new United Kingdom's (UK) ambassador to Libya, Martin Longden, who is visiting the eastern region, the latest developments in the political situation in the country, and the HoR's enacting of electoral laws that were completed by the 6+6 joint committee.

They also said that the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the international community were not dealing seriously with the will of the Libyan people to hold presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible. They called on the UK and the international community to support their efforts to form a unified government, whose primary mission is to hold presidential and parliamentary elections.

The new UK ambassador is on a tour of the eastern region, his first since taking office. He met the HoR's second deputy speaker, Musbah Douma, and then Khalifa Haftar.

Last September, the British government announced the appointment of diplomat Martin Longden as its new ambassador to Libya, succeeding former ambassador Caroline Hurndall. Longden assumed office last October.