Six passengers, including a father and his daughter, were killed and others seriously injured in a horrific traffic accident Saturday following the collision of two vehicles on the coastal road west of Sirte city.

The Security Directorate of Sirte clarified that two vehicles, one was a white Samsung and the other a red Nissan Micra, run into each other on the coastal road Saturday morning. The Directorate explained that the incident resulted in the death of the two drivers and four of their family members accompanying them, in addition to other passengers who were taken to hospital for serious injuries.

Last Friday, three people were killed while three others seriously injured following a collision of two vehicles on the same coastal road.

Investigations concluded that the accident was caused mainly by distraction and for driving at high speed, according to the Security Directorate of Sirte.

The coastal road of Sirte lacks the basic requirements for traffic safety in the recent years, in the absence of any maintenance work or government attention.
The suspended projects of the maintenance work and feeder roads led to many traffic accidents and serious injuries as well as loss of life.