The National Oil Corporation said it is concerned about the news that say a fight is looming between Dignity Operation militias and Ibrahim Jodran forces (the so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard) in Zueitina oil terminal, urging both parties to avoid doing more damage to the country’s infrastructure.

The Chairman of the NOC, Mustafa Sanallah, indicated that the NOC urges both sides not to carry assaults on Zueitina oil terminal’s facilities along with the oil stored in there as they are a property for all Libyans and are used to rebuild the Libyan economy.

“Any war that breaks out in that district will lead to the destruction of the infrastructure, so we hold both sides accountable for that.” Sanallah added, explaining that both should avoid using the facilities as shields or planting mines inside them.

“I call on both sides to allow the NOC a safe passage so that we can get the oil stock out of the terminal to a safer area.” Sanallah remarked.

The so-called Petroleum Facilities Guard, Ibrahim Jodran's de facto armed groups, have repelled an offensive by Dignity Operation militias on Zueitina oil port, about 180 km south-west of Benghazi, as a step to control oil fields and terminals in the eastern and central regions.

Ali Al-Hassi, the PFG’s spokesman, said their forces were threatened by criminal gangs that are backed by foreign and Arab powers – hinting at Haftar’s militias. He also said that once the decision to reopen the oil terminals was made, Haftar’s militias attacked Zueitina terminal.