A person was killed and another injured in an air strike carried out by an unidentified aircraft Wednesday evening, in the oasis town of Ubari, south-west of Libya, according to local sources from Ubari.

The sources added that an air strike targeted a house in the Sharib neighbourhood of the town, without identifying the dead person, the injured or who was responsible for the air attack.

A security source clarified that the house was hit after the arrival of a Hyundai Santa Fe in front of the house, where it was targeted immediately by at least two missiles, adding that the scenario is very similar to the raid carried out by The United States Africa Command -Africom - aircraft in Ubari on March 24, which resulted in the killing of two people.

The sources noted that the attack has caused no human casualties, apart from the two persons mentioned, in addition to property damage to a home in the area.

No details have been given about the incident or who was behind it, as well as no one have yet claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The United States Africa Command confirmed on March 24 that a US aircraft carried out an air strike near the city of Ubari in southwestern Libya, which resulted in the killing of two leaders of Al- Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, who were identified to be Musa Abu Daoud, and his companion.