The Speaker of the Torbruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) Aqilah Saleh told Cairo-based Youm7 newspaper that Khalifa Haftar-led self-styled army is going to launch an attack on Derna in coordination with Egyptian military forces.
"A military operation in Derna is very significant for Egypt in order to block the route for terrorists disallowing them from escaping from Derna to Egyptian soil." Saleh explained.

He also mentioned that Egyptian companies will be helping in rebuilding war-torn areas in Libya, hailing Egypt's role in Libya.

"Yet, Qatar and Turkey's interventions in Libya are totally rejected as Turkey is a sponsor of terrorism in the country and regarding Italy, the HoR issued a statement rejecting Italian intervention and we said Fayez Al-Sirraj has no right or official capacity for issuing orders or making agreements. All what Al-Sirraj signed is against the constitution and the Libyans' desires. We know that his orders must be approved by the HoR." Saleh further explained.

He also said that the Presidential Council's government is a trusteeship government, saying the HoR and the General National Congress did not consent to the selection of that government.

"LPA is a play plotted by the international community and despite the fact that the HoR partially agreed to it, there is no real political agreement. Thus we find it strange that some countries are dealing with the PC as the legitimate government in Libya as if the HoR's Interim Government is illegitimate." Saleh remarked.

Saleh lashed out at the High Council of State and rendered it nonexistent, saying the international community is the one that imposed it on Libya.

"The HoR will issue an elections law after the constitution is passed, which shall be this year. We can carry out the referendum a month after the constitution is fully drafted." Saleh elaborated, pointing out that if the Supreme Court ruled to send the draft to the HoR, then it will issue a referendum law, but if it ruled that the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) has already finished its mandate, then the HoR will form a new CDA.

"We have been trying to hold a session at the HoR for seven months to vote on amending the constitutional declaration so that a new CDA can be formed.