Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah has issued a set of precautionary measures in anticipation of adverse weather and thunderstorms in the southern region of Ghat.

The PM has directed relevant government entities to stay in touch with the Meteorological Service and keep track of any changes in weather patterns.

He also instructed the authorities to establish an operations room, in coordination with the mayors of the region, to prepare for potential valley flows. 

Additionally, the order entails that the Interior Ministry be informed in case of the evacuation of areas close to valley and lowland areas. It also alerts livestock owners to avoid herding their animals in the valley paths.

Moreover, Dbeibah assigned local authorities to clean the paths of the valleys from any waste or obstacles that may block the movement of water flow.

In order to ensure uninterrupted operations, the Libyan Post and Telecommunications Holding Company, and the General Electricity Company have been assigned the task of taking necessary measures to prevent potential communications or power outages.

Earlier, the National Center of Meteorology had issued a warning that thunderclouds were expected to affect the southwestern regions of Libya in the coming days, accompanied by rainfall.

According to the centre, such thunderclouds could cause torrential rains and flooding in some local valleys, with water gathering in lowland areas. 

Residents living near the valley streams were advised to exercise caution.