A group of political parties denounced the parliamentary elections law that was issued Monday by the House of Representatives (HoR) unilaterally, saying the HoR had ignored the essential role of the civilian partisan work that helps raise ideas and projects for a better public life.

The parties called on HoR members to approve an election system that relies on political parties with no less than 70% of the legislative authority parliament seats given to the parties.

"We need an article within the law that says the electoral seat is for the political party not the member who will be listed on an electoral ballot. An addition to the law would be allowing the political parties to withdraw or replace any members on their electoral lists if they had acted differently from the parties' policies." They added.

The parties indicated that the partisan list for elections should be approved away from the seats for independent candidates in electoral areas of dense population to break away from tribal and regional blocs and to boost democracy that is based on partisan basis.

They also blamed the HoR for what could happen due to the arbitrary measure it had taken without considering what Libyans, who are part of official, legal and constitutional organizations, really wanted.