38 candidates for Libyan presidential elections rejected "Article 88" of the presidential election laws reached by the 6+6 joint committee of the House of Representatives and High Council of State, saying that the Article "cancels Law No.1 of 2021 regarding the election of the head of state and defining his authorities. 

The candidates described legally terminating the previous law as “injustice” on the part of the legislative authority, which they said "deprived candidates of the right to run for elections, which has become immune by the judiciary".

The candidates called for removing "Article 88" of the 6+6 committee if it became binding and achieved consensus, stressing their adherence to their rights stipulated in Law No.1 of the presidential elections in 2021.

"Article 88" of the presidential elections law in the document resulting from the Bouznika meetings canceled Law No.1 of 2021 regarding the elections of the head of state, including canceling the previous list of candidates and opening the door for new candidacy.