The Professional Development Center of the Labour Ministry in Zawiya city has celebrated the graduation of the first batch of women, from its training program aimed at supporting women and promoting entrepreneurship.

The graduation ceremony, which took place on Sunday, was attended by several officials, including the Labour Minister, the head of the Professional Development Center, and the mayor of Zawia.

Those who took part received four-month training in tailoring and sewing, in addition to a 45-day course in the field of industry and food preservation.

Recognising their hard work and passion in their learning journey, the graduates were granted an accredited certificate for successfully completing the course.

On the sideline of the event, the centre opened a new administrative building with a conference hall and a training room, according to the centre's media office.

The Professional Development Center emphasized that such programs will help address the shortfall of specific skills in the local labour market, such as automotive and mobile phone maintenance, carpentry works, and blacksmithing.