Protesters closed Tuesday Sharara oilfield which is located in southwestern Libya in protest against the interruption of fuel and gas supplies and the weakness of public and basic services.

The protesters threatened to escalate and close El Feel field if their demands to provide fuel and its derivatives were not met, activate the decision to establish a refinery in the south, maintain collapsed roads in the cities of Fezzan region, employ graduates from the region, and restructure the Fezzan Reconstruction Fund.

The protesters said in a statement that the closure of Sharara field came after the expiration of the deadline to respond to their demands represented by poor services and the interruption of fuel and gas, holding the National Oil Corporation and the governments fully responsible if their demands are not met.

The protesters also demanded canceling the agreement signed between the Ministry of Health and the National Oil Corporation regarding Ubari General Hospital, and obligating the National Oil Corporation to build a private hospital in Fezzan.

The cities of southern Libya, which are rich in oil resources, have been suffering for days from a shortage of fuel, as queues of cars were seen stopping at gas stations.