Ras Jedir

The committee in charge of reactivating work at the Ras Ajdair border crossing announced the partial opening of the crossing on Thursday for humanitarian, urgent, emergency and diplomatic cases.

The committee revealed that the date of the total opening of the crossing will be June 20, for citizens of both countries.


It explained that the Wazen border crossing is currently open to the movement of passengers and the transport of goods, until the Ras Ajdair crossing is reopened in accordance with the agreement with the Tunisian side, adding that work is underway to complete maintenance and preparation of the crossing and to change the security personnel working at it with the aim of improving the level of work in accordance with international standards for crossings.

The Ministry of Interior had previously revealed the signing of an agreement between Libya and Tunisia following a meeting held between Interior Minister Emad Al-Trabelsi and his Tunisian counterpart Khaled Al-Nouri in the capital, Tripoli.

The Ministry said that the agreement stipulated the opening of the four shared gates at the port, for the entry of citizens from the two countries and the solution of the problem of similarity of names, as well as the commitment to open six centers for the electronic registration of cars of Libyan citizens, in addition to not imposing any fees or financial fines that were not agreed upon.