The Ministry of Interior of the Government of National Unity announced, on Wednesday, the postponement of the opening date of Ras Jadir border crossing for travel until next Monday, June 24th.

The Ministry explained on its Facebook page that the reason for postponing the reopening of the border crossing for public travel was “to finalize some procedures to fully reopen it.”

The Ministry said that the border crossing is currently still open for humanitarian, emergency, medical and diplomatic cases.

Ras Jadir border crossing was scheduled to reopen for public travel on Thursday, June 20, according to a previous announcement by the Acting Minister of Interior, Imad Trabelsi, along with his Tunisian counterpart, Khaled Al-Nouri, on June 12.

The border crossing was reopened on June 13, for humanitarian and special cases between the two countries, after concluding a security agreement that includes 7 items between the Libyan and Tunisian Ministries of Interior.