The spokesman of the Sabha Medical Center, Osama Al-Wafi, said they had received 5 killed persons, including 2 children on last Saturday and Sunday as well as 15 injured ones due to the renewal of clashes between Gadadfa and Awlad Sulaiman tribes in Sabha.

The Head of the Sabha Medical Center, Abdelrahman Areish, said that they are still receiving injuries of the surprisingly-erupted fresh attacks that kick-started on last Saturday.

“The medical center had gone under serious pressure and total suspension of work as it couldn’t keep up with the ongoing medical urgency in Sabha due to the new clashes that sent many injuries to it amid the medics’ inability to come to the center during evenings as moving around the city would be risky in the middle of ongoing clashes.” Areish indicated.

Sabha has seen a relative calm since Sunday evening after the clashes have been contained, according to security sources from the city.