Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayala has reiterated that the Libyan state attaches great importance to caring for the "African brothers" who are on its territory despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sayala's remarks came during his speech before the 38th regular session of the African Union Executive Council, which is being held virtually on the 3rd and 4th of February.

The Foreign Minister considered that the fundamental solution to the illegal immigration issue lies in establishing development projects in the countries of origin that provide decent work opportunities for African youth and limit their desires to emigrate to Europe.

Sayala stressed the necessity of holding the four summits, which are the African-Arab, African-European, African-Indian, and Afro-Turkish summits after they were canceled last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, he suggested that the Chairperson of the Commission, in consultation with the President of the African Union and the concerned partners, agree on appropriate dates for convening the summits during this year.

He also stressed the need to take into account the decisions, regulations, and laws of the African Union regarding the right to fair and equitable distribution of positions and tasks in the AU bodies and taking into account the underrepresented states.

During its current session, the AU Executive Council, headed by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of South Africa, will discuss several files, on top of which is the election of 6 new commissioners for the African Union Commission.