UN envoy to Libya Abdoulaye Bathily

The UN Envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, told Security Council members on Monday that unwilling officials "clinging to their seats" must not be allowed to fail the people of Libya and put the region at risk of further chaos.

Bathily said that Libya has established a constitutional and legal framework for holding elections deemed executable by the HNEC. However, he emphasized that implementing these laws requires all concerned parties' sincere and genuine commitment.

In his remarks, the UN envoy described the positions of some Libyan leaders as procrastinating, emphasizing that forming a unified government that can lead the country to elections requires a consensus among all parties.

He confirmed that he is in talks with political parties, notables, security parties, civil society, cultural components, women, youth, and the business community to listen to their proposals on resolving the remaining controversial issues through a genuinely inclusive political process led by Libyans.

In his address, Bathily conveyed several messages, including a more robust demand for holding elections as soon as possible and an expression of extreme weariness and dissatisfaction with the deception of the political class and its resort to time-wasting tactics.

Bathily noted that community leaders, notables, political parties, women's and youth groups, civil society organizations, business people, the Joint Military Committee (5+5) and other prominent military and security bodies had shown full readiness to ensure the holding of peaceful, comprehensive and prosperous elections and that the HNEC is also prepared from a technical standpoint to start preparations for the entitlement.

He expressed optimism that the climate in the country "is ripe for a new political deal" and a new dispensation for a brighter future.