Libyan cities and districts from Sirte in central Libya to Tobruk in eastern Libya are experiencing a blackout, reported the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) on Sunday evening.

GECOL announced on its Facebook page that a freshly occurring malfunction Sunday afternoon in Al-Tamimi power plant in eastern Libya led to the loss of power in the Green Mountain and Tobruk cities.

"All power units in the eastern part of the GECOL's general network had gone out of order leading to a dim and utter darkness in the area from Tobruk in eastern Libya to Ras Lanuf westward and then Ajdabiya and Wahat plant in the southeast." GECOL's statement reads.

It added that technicians from National Control Center in eastern Libya are trying to restore the power piecemeal in the cities and districts.

"Libyans should help GECOL by controlling their use of electric power and even decreasing it to its lowest, which will help speed up restoring and stabilizing power safely in all areas." The statement adds.

On Friday, western Libya from Ras Ajdair to Sirte went into a total blackout before power had been restored and stabilized on Saturday.