Benghazi Shura Council's Shuhadaa Libya Al-Hurra Brigade has denied links to the information confessed by detainees at the Tripoli-based Special Deterrent Force (SDF) which accuse it of taking part in attacking Mitiga airport last month.

"We have no links to the attack and all Benghazi revolutionaries have nothing to do with it." The brigade said in a statement.

The statement denied the brigade's official Al-Sharif Bulifa had links to the accusations uttered by the SDF's detainees, adding that Bulifa is not involved currently in armed activities, condemning at the same time all acts of destabilization in Tripoli and Libya as a whole.

"Benghazi IDPs are the victim of such military conflicts and the aim of bringing their names to such matters is to score points for the coup camp." The statement adds.

In the meantime, Tajoura-based Brigade 33 issued a statement denying links to the SDF's detainees, adding that those persons are not and have never been part of the brigade.

"Media campaigns and childish behavior of the SDF are denounced as they hopelessly taped persons speaking in (Benghazian accent) and forced them to say they are part of ISIS and Benghazi Defense Brigades." Explains the statement.

It added that the brigade is against terrorism wherever it lies and "we are ready to fight it like it we did in Sirte until it vanquishes from all Libyan cities."

The SDF posted days ago a video showing confessions for detainees whom it said were involved in the attack on Mitiga airport in coordination with Benghazi Shura Council's Shuhadaa Libya Al-Hurra Brigade and Brigade 33.

On January 15, violent clashes broke out between the SDF and Brigade 33 as the latter tried to storm into the SDF's headquarters inside Mitiga airport and free prisoners fighting for the brigade after negotiations for their release had failed.