The Sudanese Foreign Ministry said it was following closely the reports of sending Sudanese nationals by a UAE firm to Libya to work at oilfields after luring them into contracts as security guards to be located in the UAE.

The Foreign Ministry said it was working for the safety of the nationals and realized the suffering of their families, adding that it had been in constant contact with Khartoum's embassy in Abu Dhabi and UAE's embassy in Sudan to get more details on the Emirati firm and the conditions of the Sudanese nationals it hired.

On Tuesday, hundreds of Sudanese people protested in front of the Sudanese Foreign Ministry's headquarters in Khartoum to condemn the contracts of the firm that sent the Sudanese young men to Yemen and Libya.

Meanwhile, Sudanese social media posted photos for a number of persons preparing to leave Ras Lanuf in Libya, saying they were 275 Sudanese nationals contracted by Black Shield but under the pressure of their families, the Emirati firm seemed to have succumbed to letting them go home.

On Tuesday afternoon, 50 Sudanese nationals who were in training by the firm in Bayati Camp in the UAE arrived in Khartoum and headed immediately to the UAE's embassy in the Sudanese capital to demand their rights.

Last Sunday, Sudanese families organized a sit-in outside Abu Dhabi's embassy in Khartoum protesting the deception of the Emirati firm.