The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) pronounced Thursday that it is going through critical situations currently with the ever-rising temperatures in the country.

GECOL said on Facebook that despite all efforts to keep the general power network balanced, the sweat-urging heat waves and soaring degrees of humidity got the upper hand.

"We have registered overloads due to increased use of electric power across Libya. We ask all Libyans to cooperate with GECOL staffers and maintain logical use of power these days." GECOL's Facebook post reads.

It also condemned the assault on two control centers in Al-Ruwais and Shakshook by gunmen from western mountain cities, which are refusing to be included in the GECOL's load shedding hours that aim to drop the overload burden on the general network.

"We call on relevant authorities to intervene in the issue and oblige the districts and cities, which are rejecting the load shedding policy, to be part of GECOL's program to help achieve justice across Libya as regards the outage of power.

"Al-Khums, Al-Zawiya, and some western mountain districts are rejecting the idea of load shedding." GECOL said on Facebook on Wednesday.

GECOL's Chief, Abdelmajid Hamza, also held an emergency meeting at the GECOL's headquarters in Tripoli to discuss the load shedding policy due to the high temperatures in Libya, discussing as well a formation of a committee that will help solve the issue of the rejectors.

Libya is undergoing a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 40 °C in most cities leading to more demand and use of electric power, thus obliging the GECOL to resort to load shedding hours reaching over 8 hours a day in some cities.