Italy's Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, says stable conditions in Libya and Tunisia will help limit the migration ongoing across the Mediterranean.

He told the Italian press that stopping migratory flows is not only by preventing boat departures but also by helping countries suffering from massive crises like Tunisia.

Tajani warned that Tunisia might turn into a "powder keg" due to the financial crisis affecting the state, stressing the importance of preserving security and stability in the neighbouing country Libya.

The top Italian diplomat said his country is in continuous contact with all parties to advance Libya towards elections.

"Italy has made great efforts at all levels to achieve security and stability in Libya," Tajani was quoted by the Italian ANSAMed news agency as saying.

He expressed his country's desire to engage all influential countries involved in the Libyan conflict to play their role in establishing peace and stability in the country.

Tajani sees that the stable and secure situation in Libya will reflect positively on the security of North Africa as a whole and countries south of the Sahara.