Tripoli security directorate said 168 people died and 517 others were wounded in road accidents in 2018.

The directorate explained on Friday that serious injuries of the accidents amounted to 259 and the mild ones reached 258.

It added that the accidents were caused due to lack of respect to traffic rules by the drivers, including speeding.

"153 accidents were registered in Tripoli and besides the deaths and injuries, they caused damage to 847 vehicles with a financial damage of over 1.6 million dinars." The directorate added.

Last December, the directorate reported 169 deaths, 300 injuries and 2.6 million dinars' loss due to the accidents all across Libya in November alone.

Besides speeding, accidents are caused due to drivers' fatigue that leads to sleeping on road, lack of attention by drivers to the road, driving while emotionally unstable and badly-serviced vehicles.