The Municipality of Central Tripoli has urged all authorities to end all of the armed formations and appearances inside the capital, asking those authorities to give the security tasks to specialized legal authorities in order to secure Tripoli and its residents.

On a Facebook-posted statement Saturday, the municipality condemned the armed clashes that erupted on Saturday morning in Tripoli, saying that such acts are irresponsible and a risk too dangerous on the capital residents’ lives, pointing out that they could crack the well-formed social fabric.

It added that the clashes caused a lot of material damage as well as some injuries for the two armed groups, without any deaths reported, denouncing at the same time terrifying the civilians in their living areas.

“We call on all parties in Tripoli to control themselves, and we shoulder the responsibility of the clashes and their repercussions to those who started the fight.” Said the municipality, without identifying the clashing parties.

On Saturday morning, the capital streets witnessed armed clashes using light and medium weapons in the neighborhoods of the CentralTripoli Municipality.