New York Times reported Monday that after a traumatic journey, the Libyans, who were inmates in Guantanamo and transferred to Senegal for permanent stay, apparently fell into the hands of a hard-line militia leader who has been accused of prisoner abuse — and then they vanished.

Sources believe that Special Deterrence Force, which is controlling Mitiga airport in Tripoli and runs notorious detentions in a military base nearby the airport, arrested Omar Abu Bakr and Salim Ghrebi when their Libyan Airlines plane touched down coming from Tunisia.

The Intercept reported on April 01 that former Libyan Guantanamo detainees, who were released in 2016 and sent to Senegal as part of the deal made by the US State Department, were facing deportation to Libya.

According to The Intercept, Abu Bakr and his companion were afraid for their lives in Libya, where there is lack of security and chaos.

"If the US government told me two years ago that I would remain in Senegal temporarily, only to be sent to Libya after two years, regardless of the situation in Libya, I would have refused resettlement in Senegal. I would have even chosen to remain at Guantánamo over torture and death in a dungeon in Libya.” Abu Bakr told The Intercept.