UNSMIL has welcomed the large consultative session of the House of Representatives that began Tuesday in Tangiers and is being hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco.

UNSMIL said in a statement that it was encouraged to see such a diverse range of Parliamentarians from Libya's three regions meeting under one roof, describing the incident as a positive and welcome step.

UNSMIL said it had always supported the unity of the House of Representatives and we hope the HoR will fulfill the Libyan people's expectations for implementation of the roadmap agreed upon by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum towards the holding of national elections on December 24, 2021.

The consultative meeting of the HoR kicked off in Morocco on Tuesday in the presence of 110 members from both Tripoli-based and Tobruk-based branches.

The HoR members expressed their desire to unite the legislative body ahead of uniting state institutions and holding general elections. The first preparatory session was held Monday and the main session was held Tuesday to avoid holding the meeting when the UNSMIL was holding the second round Libyan Political Dialogue Forum meeting online Monday.