The US ambassador to Libya Richard Norland said his country's goal is to see an end to the offensive against Tripoli.

Ambassador Norland spoke Wednesday with the mayor of Zintan Mustafa Al-Baroni and discussed current developments in Libya, according to the US embassy Facebook page.

"The Mayor emphasized the desire of western Libyans to see an end to the offensive on Tripoli. The Ambassador confirmed that the United States shares this objective and believes that only a comprehensive political process can achieve peace and stability for Libya." The embassy remarked.

The US Ambassador also said (USAID) stands ready to work with the mayor of Zintan to address challenges faced by the municipality.

The US has stepped up its focus on Libya this month and as recent as last Tuesday, the US Department of State said it would work with the Government of National Accord and all parties in Libya lay down arms and negotiate a political solution, warning of a repetition of Syria's scenario in Libya after US Africa Command revealed Moscow's provision of military aircraft to Khalifa Haftar, saying at least 14 warplanes arrived in Hamas-controlled Al-Jufra airbase in central Libya.

The Russians sent their warplanes to Syria, they repainted them and then sent them to Haftar's forces in Libya to conceal the Rusisan origin, according to AFRICOM.

Earlier this week, Norland said there were some powers using military or terrorism means to impose a new political order in Libya, reiterating that Washington is proud of its partnership with the GNA and is ready to protect peace and freedom.