Linda Greenfield

The United States has announced its readiness to support the formation of a caretaker government in Libya whose sole mission is to lead the country to hold fair elections.

The US Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council, Linda Greenfield, said in her remarks to the Security Council on Tuesday that the House of Representatives, the High Council of State, the Government of National Unity, the Army and the Presidential Council must unify their ranks and make the necessary concessions to hold the elections.

Greenfield stressed that the best path for the Libyan people to move forward is to support the efforts of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to hold elections as soon as possible by supporting the work of the 6 + 6 committee, addressing the controversial issues of the elections and reaching an agreement on the elections that enables everyone to compete fairly.

The American delegate affirmed her country's support for the efforts of the 5 + 5 military committee for withdrawing mercenaries, foreign fighters, and foreign forces from the country, as well as unifying joint patrols in the south to secure Libya's southern borders.

She also encouraged the steps to unify the Central Bank of Libya and the establishment of the High Financial Committee, considering that these efforts will ensure that no party controls public spending and the fair distribution of wealth.

Greenfield expressed her country's concern over the outbreak of violence in Libya and the region, and condemned the fighting in Tripoli last week, calling on the armed factions in Libya to avoid any actions that might lead to an expansion of violence in Sudan or instability in Niger.

The US representative to the UN Security Council considered that Wagner's presence in Libya and Africa aims to gain a greater foothold in Africa and destabilize the region.

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