The Director of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Libya, John Cardenas, said that USAID was working with national institutions, civil organizations and the private sector to enhance stability and support the Libyan people, adding that it was cooperating with municipal councils to improve services to citizens.

Cardenas referred to the projects supported by USAID, such as repairing roads and installing solar-powered lighting poles, as well as building stadiums, restoring markets and establishing emergency health operations centers, according to a video statement published by the US Embassy to Libya. 

Cardenas said USAID would aim to increase electric power generation, integrate renewable energy, and reduce consumption to ensure the continued flow of energy in the country for years.

He talked about projects in the south, saying that USAID helped with its partners in Murzuq providing tables and equipment for schools to ensure the improvement of the education of students there, and provided one million dollars in aid to restore workflow at Sebha airport to ensure linking the south with the rest of Libya.