The Volcano of Rage Operation has condemned as provocative statements of Ahmed Al-Mismari –Haftar’s spokesman- in a pro-Haftar TV channel.

Al-Mismari appeared in a TV show on the Haftar’s son-owned Libya Al-Hadath channel, demanding Turkey “to leave the scene in Libya” yet turning a blind eye on the Russian Wagner group and Janjaweed mercenaries occupying Sirte and Al-Jufra.

While Libyans and the international community are striving to bridge divides and mend fences, Haftar’s spokesman showed no remorse in his statements for the offensive on Tripoli.

He said they lost the war because they were fighting on many fronts; Besides, most of their fighters were from the older generation, while now many young people have joined their ranks.

The media office of the Volcano of Rage Operation said in a statement Monday that they are awaiting a firm response from the Head of the Presidential Council (PC) Muhammad Menfi in his capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army to put an end to such statements.

The statement called on Menfi to enforce his decision issued last April, which prohibits media appearances of military personnel in Libya except with his permission.