The spokesman of Haftar's militias, Ahmed Al-Mismari, has announced that their forces will organize a massive military parade.

Al-Mismari made his announcement during an interview with the Libya Al-Hadath channel, run by Haftar's sons without obtaining permission from the Presidential Council in its capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army.

Al-Mismari justified their defeat in Tripoli that they were fighting over a vast area of ​​land, calling on the Turkish forces to leave the country without addressing the Wagner or the Janjaweed mercenaries occupying the Al-Jafra Base, the city of Sirte, and the Khadim Base run by the UAE in eastern Libya.

"Our forces were fighting on a vast area that had not been a battleground since World War II," Mismari said, adding that most of those fighting in their ranks during the offensive on Tripoli were "elderly people, but now many young people joined in," which confirms that the battle is ongoing.

It is noteworthy that the Presidential Council, in its capacity as Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, issued a decision on April 19, preventing officers holding leadership positions from traveling outside the country without permission or making statements to the media.