The commander of the western military zone, Osama Joaili, visited Monday Zuwara and Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia after the clashes that took place over the last couple of days between his forces and the forces securing the coastal road and the border.

Joaili visited Zuwara military training center and met with the officers to discuss the security measures needed to secure the city.

“Ras Ajdair border is under the authority of the Interior Ministry not under any military authority. There should be a fixed budget provided to the border in order to improve its services, besides the need to help the border end the crowdedness of travelers.” Joaili said.

He indicated that the clashes around Ras Ajdair were between a force from the western military zone command and armed groups controlling the coastal road and the border crossing.

In the meantime, Zuwara mayor, Hafid Bin Sassi, said they agreed with the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sirraj, to stop the military operations led by the commander of the western military zone, Osama Joaili, inside the municipality of Zuwara, in addition to the reshaping of Ras Ajdair security personnel by the official authorities so that the checkpoints become operated by police along with the central security force.

Clashes took place in Abu Kammash and around Zuwara and Ras Ajdair border on Thursday between Jaoili-led forces and forces appointed to secure the area.

Joaili announced last week the kick-start of an anti-crime military operation in western Libya to end smuggling and criminal operations.