The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that no epidemic was detected in Libya after the flood disaster in the city of Derna, which left thousands dead and missing.

This statement was made by the WHO's representative in Libya, Ahmed Zuwaiten, in his weekly press conference on Libya at the United Nations office in Geneva. 

The UN representative pointed out that WHO was distributing emergency medicines, including cholera treatment, and working with local authorities to ensure access to health services, stressing the use of mobile clinics in some hard-to-reach areas.

He also explained the continuation of preparations and inspections against the outbreak of any possible epidemic, noting that hundreds of cases of diarrhea had been reported in Derna, but this was not an unusual situation for a large city.

He expressed solidarity with Derna residents after the flood disaster, noting that thousands of people lost their loved ones and their homes, adding that it was impossible to describe the extent of the psychological trauma that people were suffering.