Al-Ahly Tripoli on Saturday took over Al-Merreikh of Sudan 3-1 in the second leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League at the Benina Martyrs Stadium.

Despite the win, Al-Merreikh is the one through to the Champions League group stage, as it outclassed Libya 2-0 in the first-leg encounter in Sudan.

As a result, Al-Ahly will have to settle with the last preliminary round of the African Confederation Cup.

Ramadan Ajab of Al-Merreikh took the rival team by surprise when he shot a ball from the penalty mark giving his team the lead in minute 11 into the game.

After the break, a shot from Ibrahima Tandia of AlAhly in minute 42 would have got Libya through to the next stage if it had made it across the goal line.

Despite gaining control over the match and the deserved victory in the second leg, Al-Ahly's loss in the first leg was enough to brush them off from the most important African championship.