Derby Tripoli between Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahly Tripoli at the six-team final group of the Libyan football league ended goalless on Saturday, thus each losing the chance to bag the title, especially that Al-Nasser – last third in the competition - lost 0-3 to Al-Akhdar, which would mean that the final group will have one more round for the trophy winner to be announced.

The 0-0 match of Ittihad and Ahly Tripoli at Hammadi Al-Aqrabi stadium in Tunisia's capital made each have 8 points in the six-team group. Ahly Tripoli will play Al-Olompy and Ittihad will face Al-Nasser in the final round.

Al-Akhdar won the match against Al-Nasser at Monastir stadium 3-0 by Ary Babel, Jack Bissan and Mohammed Jadallah. Al-Akhdar has now 4 points with Al-Nasser which has no chance to compete for the title as things stand.

Al-Ahly Benghazi won against Al-Olompi 1-0 at Mustafa bin Jannat stadium in Sfax, Tunisia. The goal by Jumua Buragaiba gave the first 3 points for the team, which now stands fifth in the group with 4 points and Al-Olompi sixth with 3 points.