The current Chairman of the Libyan Football Federation (LFF), Abdelhakim Al-Shalmani, was re-elected for four more years by 62 votes in the LFF elections at Dar Al-Salam Hotel in Tobruk.

In the first elections round, Al-Shalmani got 56 votes but his rival, Ibrahim Shaka, was ahead with 58 votes, as the third competitor, Jamal Abu Nuwara, got only three votes. In the second round, Al-Shalmani won against Shaka 62 to 54: only 116 members of the LFF out of 120 attended the elections.

Al-Shalmani has been bitterly critiqued by football fans and people who work in the sports sector for his way of work, as many observers believe his approach led to the humiliating exit of Libyan national team from the first round of CHAN 2021 and losing hope in the qualifiers of AFCON by losing last Thursday 2-5 to Tunisia in the first match played on Libyan soil in seven years.

He was criticized also for failing to Kickstart the Libyan Football League for two years in a row and the delay in this season as well as Libyan Football League only featured six matches so far while neighboring countries' leagues are about to end.