Libyan football continued its series of defeats on the continental level, after the failure of its four teams to qualify for the African Champions League nor the African Confederation Cup.

After the departure of the two teams of Al-Ahli Benghazi and Al-Ittihad on Saturday, Al-Naser and Al-Ahli of Tripoli failed on Sunday to secure a spot in the 32nd round.

Naser finished with 6-2 defeat in front of Guinea’s Horoya Conakry meaning their absence at the African Champions, despite their win with 3 clean goals in Cairo, but the team came out 5-6 in both matches.

Al-Ahli Tripoli drew 0-0 with his host Cameron's Newstars Douala. This draw was not enough to secure Al-Ahli's place in the next round of the Confederation Cup. The first game ended 1-1, which gave the lead to Douala to qualify for the next round.

Despite all these failures, Al-Naser and Al-Ahli Benghazi still have the opportunity to compete in the African champions, by participating in the second 32nd round of the African Confederation Cup.