The Libyan Football Federation (LFF) hinted at the possibility of withdrawing from African Nations Championship (CHAN), which will be held in Algeria in mid-January.

The LFF said in a statement that it was following the measures taken against it due to some people's intention to halt the game.

"There are cases filed against the LFF in courts in violation of the rules and regulations of the LFF and the African and International Football Federations, which prohibit resorting to ordinary courts in sports disputes." The statement said.

It said that those cases were still pending before the ordinary courts, and no final rulings had been issued, taking into account FIFA’s regulations and directives. It said the LFF was surprised by the issuance of quick decisions to temporarily suspend the federation’s accounts in implementation of the desire of those who seek to achieve private ends, not the public interest.

"We are now in the process of preparing to participate in a continental championship, and our team is in a training camp in Tunisia. We may have to withdraw if the capabilities are not available. The federation also has obligations with the foreign coach and his technical staff, who are bound by contracts and salaries to be paid on time." The LFF said.

It added that the coaches threatened to stop working and resort to FIFA in the event of a delay in salary payments, which would result in stopping the LFF's participations in local tournaments.

"In our interest in the higher interest of the country, the matter requires the intervention of those concerned with the public interest, football in particular, to take measures that would ensure the progress of Libya's participation on the local level." It added.