The Head of the media office of Libyan Airlines Mohammed Ganiwa has denied to Libyan local media outlets the news about backing off from raising threefold the prices of flight tickets by next December.

Ganiwa's comments came Saturday after a previous news broke on social media and media outlets in Libya saying the airliner had decided to keep the prices of the tickets as they are, quoting CEO of the airliner Khalid Al-Tinaz.

However, Ganiwa told the media outlets that Al-Tinaz had been dismissed from his post as a CEO last October.

The Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways companies said last Wednesday they would raise prices of flight tickets starting next December, citing not exempting them from the 183% fees on dollar purchase transactions by the Presidential Council.

In the meantime, Libyan African Aviation Holding Company said the decision to raise the prices is "unstudied economically and hasty."

In a statement, the company called on the two airliners to halt the raise and hold talks with the authorities as well as the Central Bank of Libya.

"In the first place, the addition of 183% fees on dollar purchase transactions is a very poor decision economy-wise." The statement concluded.