Libya's Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Sadiq Al-Gharyan said yesterday that ceasefire and reconciliation are legitimate goals.

Speaking on Tanasuh TV, he explained that the ceasefire and reconciliation must be coordinated and approved by the ruler (GNC), adding that the General Staff is the only legitimate authority to declare ceasefire and decide who can join the war and who cannot.

"No one has the right to declare ceasefire except the General Staff, if a group declares ceasefire; it might clash with another opposing one." He said. 

"Ceasefire and reconciliation are Sharia rulings but they must be organized and declared by the legitimate ruler." He added. 

He also advised all Libyans that if they want to keep their country safe and away from plunderers, they must always consult (Sharia) the Islamic teachings that order them to spare the people the killing and the bloodshed.