The Advisor to the Minister of Economy and Trade of the Government of National Unity, Shather Al-Said, agreed with the Head of the Foreign Trade Sector in the Egyptian Ministry of Trade, Amani Al-Wasal, to set up a joint mechanism to resolve the problems of intra-trade in the two countries, and the obstacles facing load owners, merchants, and citizens at the Emssaed-Salloum border crossing.

This came in a meeting in the New Administrative Capital in Egypt on Sunday, when Al-Said referred to the agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two sides, and the need to implement them to facilitate the movement of goods and individuals, businesses and investors, and to increase the volume of trade exchange, noting the need for Egyptian exported products to adhere to the specifications and standards approved in Libya, according to the statement of the Ministry of Economy on its Facebook page.

Al-Wasal confirmed that Libya was one of Egypt's most important trading partners, highlighting the Egyptian Cabinet meeting in 2018 under the title "Facilitating Trade Relations with Libya." She also pointed to some problems on the Libyan side, such as the delay in the entry of goods through the border crossing due to maintenance and development operations, which were finally completed, and promised that the Egyptian Ministry of Trade would consider the issue of prior authorization imposed on some Libyan commodities in coordination with the Egyptian Food Safety and Agricultural Quarantine Authority, in addition to working on activating agreements regarding the recognition of the certificate of mutual conformity between the two parties.