Libya and Tunisia have launched a new initiative to enhance trade cooperation between the two countries.

Libya's Minister of Economy and Trade, Muhammad Al-Hawij, and his Tunisian counterpart, Kulthum bin Rajab announced the new proposal named the "African Trade Transit Corridor" during the former's visit to Tunis.

According to Libya's Economy Ministry, the new project would open new transit routes from Libya and Tunisia to sub-Saharan African countries, noting that the step was the fruit of joint efforts between the two countries to expand the horizons of cooperation and trade.

The two sides discussed at the Tunisian Ministry of Economy HQ procedural and logistical measures at the Ras Jedir border crossing and ways to facilitate the movement of goods between the two countries.

They also agreed to establish a rapid response team to address the obstacles at the border crossing points.

The meeting reflects the two governments' commitment to strengthening economic cooperation and trade ties in a way that serves the interest of both nations, Libya's Ministry of Economy stated.