The House of Representatives (HoR) has announced the adoption of the draft budget law (worth 89 billion dinars) submitted by Osama Hammad's government in a closed session on Tuesday, according to what was published by spokesman Abdullah Blehiq.

The HoR considered the approval of the budget submitted by the government of Osama Hammad to unify the aspects of spending in light of the unification of the Central Bank of Libya.

In a brief statement, the HoR warned the High Financial Committee that any expenditure outside the rates of the budget would be a waste of public money and a violation of the state’s financial law.

The budget was divided into four sections: salaries amounted to more than 56 billion dinars, management, operation and equipment expenses amounted to 11.3 billion dinars, and capital expenditures amounted to 3.5 billion dinars, while subsidiaries' expenses amounted to approximately 20 billion dinars.

The budget law stipulated that the value of the public debt was 15 billion dinars, which were allocated to cover the debts owed to the public treasury, provided that the amount would be distributed at the suggestion of the Prime Minister of the government based on a proposal from the Minister of Planning and Finance and referred to the Speaker of the HoR for approval.