The National Oil Corporation confirmed Tuesday the reopening of the two oil pipelines that connect Al-Sharara oilfield to Al-Zawiya oil refinery and Al-Feel oilfield to Mellita oil facility.

The Chairman of the NOC, Mustafa Sanallah said in a statement Tuesday that he welcomes the western Petroleum Facilities Guard’s statement in which it announced the reopening of all of the closed oil pipelines, adding that he hails all those who helped in making this happen.

"All Libyans have realized that building the country comes through cooperation among all Libyans." Sanallah added.

“We did not pay money and there were no deals behind the scenes in making this happen; it is the first time in three years that we can see our oil flows freely.” Sanallah remarked, saying he hopes this would be the end of using closure tactics in Libya.

He also indicated that the reopening of the two pipelines will add 175.0000 oil barrels per day to the Libyan daily output in the first month and after three months, the production of the two oilfields will reach 270.000 oil bpd, expecting that the reopening will add 4.55 billion dollars to the expected Libyan revenue in 2017 according to the current oil prices.

The two oil pipelines in Rayayna town that lies about 120 km southern Tripoli was shut in November 2014 causing a loss of 27 billion dollars for the country according to the NOC.