The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has called for a new assessment for the Libyan labour market, emphasizing its importance to the private sector and economic recovery.

In a recent press release, the UNDP noted that agriculture, construction, automobile, and care services have the highest potential to generate job opportunities for Libyans and migrants alike.

During the presentation of the new assessment of the Libyan labour market, Minister of Labour Ali Al-Abed Al-Ridha explained that the conventional view of service and development occupations contributed to increasing unemployment, especially among university graduates.

He stressed that they are working on finding alternative solutions such as supporting the private sector besides pilot and development projects.

"These assessments were commissioned to provide a strong evidence base for the development of inclusive labour market policy for Libya that bolsters economic and social development while ensuring the rights of all workers in Libya, including migrant workers are protected," said the Assistant Secretary-General, Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya Georgette Gagnon.

The study also highlights significant gaps between the skills currently needed and sought by the private sector and the skills offered by the Libyan labour force while recommending measures to the government and other key stakeholders to bridge these gaps and bring more people into training for the job market.